Minimalist Upgrades I’m Loving

While being a minimalist certainly means owning less, it also means owning better. For certain things that I truly do need, I’ve been slowly upgrading each little item, one at a time.

  1. My toothbrush. One 2017 goal of mine is to get all my counters completely clear. One way I did that was to switch out my old toothbrush routine with a paired down but upgraded routine. I’ve always been a fan of the electric toothbrush but until now, that meant having a clunky charger plugged into the wall with a big ol’ honker of a toothbrush perched on top. Not only was this unsightly, but I also never remembered to buy new toothbrush heads, and the charger was always getting nasty gunk on it. No thank you. So, I updated it with a Quip toothbrush — both beautiful and ultra-functional. It solved all those little problems for me. The toothbrush heads automatically come every 3 months, it hangs on my mirror in a sleek holder, and it is way, way smaller than any other electric brush I’ve used.
  2. My alarm clock. Like most people, I used to use my iphone as my alarm clock. But as I read about the radiation from cell-phones, and found myself waking up and scrolling instagram incessantly, I realized that I needed to find a different way. I purchased this tiny little alarm clock that has everything I need: an alarm (with snooze!), a light, and of course the aesthetics that I want. Now I charge my phone in my living room, allowing me to really ‘turn off’ before heading to bed at night and helping me wake up more peacefully.
  3. My water bottle. We all know we need to drink more water. But that doesn’t change our behavior. What does? A really lovely water bottle that I get excited to use. It’s that simple. (Plus, it keeps my water really cold. Bonus points.)

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