Why I Choose Minimalism

Marie Kondo instructs us to, prior to beginning any tidying, envision our life once tidied. In concrete terms. So here it is: why I choose minimalism.

When I wake up in the morning, I want to walk into a bathroom that is free of clutter. Spacious and clean. I make no decisions- they are already made. There is only one of each item. Then, I begin choosing what to wear for the day. I peek in my closet and drawers and instantly know what I want to wear. And really, whatever I choose, I will love. There is nothing in my closet that doesn’t bring me joy. I know that when I’m out, I’ll be excited to be seen in these clothes. Each and every article makes me feel beautiful, feminine, put-together, stylish and lovely. On my walk down to the kitchen, my pathway is free. All items are in their homes. Oh, and if there is one toy or sock on my way? I know exactly where it goes so I pick it up and put it away, barely noticing a skip in my step.

On my way out the door, I grab my usual breakfast and quickly put together a lunch. There is one type of bowl I use and I have just enough. This is easy too because everything is easy to see; my fridge and pantry are stocked with my favorite foods that fuel my body with life. Everything is in a clear container so it is easy to pick out and put away. No crinkly wrapping or digging through to find what I need. Everything is easy to see.

On my way out the door, I grab the purse I need, quickly load it with my wallet, receipt pouch, and anything else I might need that day. I am in the car in no time, no rushing or running around. I don’t run back upstairs because I knew where everything was… I didn’t forget anything.

My car is spick and span too. I place my purse where it always sits, slide on my sunglasses and head to work. Maybe I listen to a podcast on the way, maybe some music. Either way, I arrive at work happy and excited to start my day.

When I get home, I have Thad. It’s a Friday so he has his weekly bag. I quickly put his sheet  + blankie in the laundry with a load of his clothes. I put together his bag for Monday- pull ups, a clean sheet and blankie, and some extra clothes. And before the weekend even begins, we are ready for Monday!

Thaddeus and I slip off our shoes, coats, and bags and put them exactly where they go. I unload my bag and hang it up, ready to be used again. Thaddeus heads to the playroom and I head upstairs where I am greeted with a brilliantly clean kitchen. I grab that teakettle I love, a mug I adore, and quickly put on a pot of tea. I light a candle to remind myself of the sacredness of this time. I slip into my slippers.

I check the calendar to see what is planned for dinner: I pull that all out and put it together, enjoying the smooth way the knife cuts the veggies and the sizzle of oil in my favorite pan. Ford comes home and dinner is ready! Thad runs to the door, “Daddy!” Thad sits with Ford as he takes off his shoes and coat and puts them away. They come upstairs with smiles on their faces. Ford runs upstairs to get out of his “work clothes” while Thad helps me set the table for dinner. It already smells SO good!

We eat dinner with some light music in the background, talking about our days and savoring the delicious meal. Once finished, Thad and I take our time, put all the dishes in the dishwasher, start a load and head upstairs. Ford begins cleaning up from the cooking while I draw a bath for Thad. I have somewhere to sit, and Thad takes a nice long bath because we’ve got all the time in the world. It’s only 6:30pm, afterall.

When finished, I lather him up with lotion, pick a favorite pair of PJs, and hop into bed with him. He chooses his three books or three songs and we enjoy this ritual together. For the last book or song, Ford joins us. We then say prayers together as a family, and close the door as Thad drifts off to sleep.

Ford and I share a hug and take in the moment: being together, parenting together, and loving each other. The kitchen is all clean so we choose if what to do that night: read, screen time, or a project/ hobby. Maybe I break out the sewing machine or the art supplies!

Once 9 pm hits, our bedtime ritual begins. I hop in the shower or wash my face. I take off my makeup and get into my cozy pajamas that I love. I roll out my beautiful yoga mat, light a candle, put on some calming music and begin a yoga session. It is however long I want it to be that night. Sometimes Ford even joins in!

We then spend some time talking and then praying together. This is our favorite time of the evening. We’re in our beautiful and calm bedroom, on our deliciously comfortable bed, just taking each other in. Once prayers are over, we lay down and turn on the sleep meditation. We drift off easily and peacefully.


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